About Us

SIG Capital is a long/short equities investment manager with a focus on the technology, media and telecommunications sectors. We pursue an all-cap, longer term investment strategy that seeks exposure to global quality opportunities – high quality established and contending companies with strong execution, competitive business models and expanding earnings power – in both developed and emerging markets.

Our approach is based on rigorous, in-depth research and fundamental analysis of individual equities incorporating strong valuation disciplines and a secular orientation to achieve superior absolute performance.


We believe that exceptional investment ideas are scarce and concentrate capital in a relatively limited number of opportunities representing our best ideas that offer asymmetric value for investors regardless of market direction.

SIG Capital Management LP

Avery House, 8 Avery Hill Road

SE9 2BD, London

United Kingdom

SIG Capital Advisors LTD

18 Avenida João Crisóstomo

1000-179, Lisbon


Investor enquiries: ir@sigcapital.pt

General enquiries: info@sigcapital.pt